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"Live" Writing Freakshow - Chapter Eighteen

Wattpad hates dirty talk and has apparently hidden this chapter from most of you as well. Here it is in all its naked glory, enjoy!
Cairo laughed as she spoke her challenge and immediately went to work, proving his claim. The panties were tossed somewhere to the side and Maisy wrapped her fingers in his thick hair. He shoved her dress up over her hips and pushed her back on the bed.
She laughed as his beard tickled the inside of her thighs, but her laughter died on her lips the moment he found her clit with his tongue and speared it like a warrior seeking his target.
He really was going to do his best to rewire her head and rename the words for pleasure, until they all carried his name.
“Oh,” she whispered as he lapped at her, a man in the desert dying of thirst, “Fuck, Cai, how do you do this to me?”
He growled against her cunt and the vibrations made her groan with joy. Deep guttural noises started to bubble up inside her, in her excitement, she wasn’t able to contain it and gasped as she came against his face again. His tongue was relentless, never letting up even as she wiggled and twisted in pure, unadulterated bliss. She might have been embarrassed by the noises she emitted, but she was far too gone
“Okay,” she said as she felt the last pulses of orgasm thread through her body, “You win. Cairo is synonymous with pleasure, you are right.”
He pulled his face from the valley of her thighs and grinned, his perfect white teeth gleaming in the soft light of the room. “Don’t give up that easy,” he said and lazily parted her folds with his thumb, “besides, I’m just getting started.”
“Are you kidding me?” she gasped as he found her clit again. It was already swollen and sensitive from the previous torment, and she swore she could feel an electric current traveling from her pussy to her brain. With each pass of his rough thumb, explosions of colour and sensation went off behind her eyes. “You’re going to destroy me before the night is done,” she said, her voice ragged from her panting breath.
“That’s the point,” he said and nibbled her upper thigh, “I’m going to fuck you until you fall apart…dissolve in my fingers. Then I’ll soothe your shattered soul and stich you back together until everything has new meaning and Cairo is the only word you have for pleasure.” He moved upwards and nibbled her flesh until he reached the edge of the beautiful red dress. He tugged at it, and when it didn’t give, he took it in two hands and pulled it apart at the seams. The flimsy, delicate material gave way under his desperate rending.
She worried for a moment that she’d have to pay for the dress, but thought that must be one of the perks when fucking the boss. He could tear the fucking thing from her body, and it didn’t matter. He slid his tongue along her skin and she wiggled out of the remnants of the dress.
She gasped as he found her belly button, licked it and sucked the gentle rise of her body on the other side. She sighed, said, “I think I could easily be convinced,” and held his head in her hands as he moved higher. He sucked one breast, rolled her flesh between his teeth and moved to the next. She bit her lower lip and moaned in ecstasy, the combination of post orgasmic bliss, unspoken love and pure, animal lust was a potent drug.
“Cairo,” she said and felt the word on her tongue, rolled it like a fine wine. It was becoming something else in her head, no longer just a city, or a man, but something bigger and more meaningful than either one of those things on their own.
As he reached her neck and started to lick her skin, growl and groan little noises of need in her ear, she was slowly becoming converted to the idea that he was pleasure, he was joy.
She needed him naked. “Take this off,” she said and fumbled with his shirt. She pulled at it and helped him shrug it off. He sat up to slip his pants down over his hips and she drank in the sight of his glorious naked body.
He truly was beautiful, if such a word could be used to describe the most feral specimen of manhood she’d ever encountered.
“Maisy,” he said and kicked his jeans to the side, “I’ve been wanting to do this since the moment I first saw you.” He pushed her back down on the bed, she wiggled backwards and he followed her up the cover.
“I’ve had some pretty dirty thoughts about you too,” she said and smiled and stopped moving. He slid his body along hers, his intense masculine scent filling her nose and his single minded gaze filling her vision.
“Like what?” he asked with a slight grin, he dipped his head and licked the smooth skin between her breasts.
“Pretty much just this,” she said and reached down to grab his thick, pierced cock. “Exactly this actually,” she added and squeezed, pulling him towards her.
“I think we’ve been on the same page from the beginning,” he said and leaned down to kiss her. His body was massive as he covered her, his muscles were defined in the low light and his beard rubbed against her skin, bringing tingling sensations to the surface. She lifted herself up against him, craving his strength, the force of his need and the power she felt possessing a man such as he.
“I think so too,” she whispered and felt the head of his cock graze her slit, teasing her with it. She thrust upwards, filled with a need unlike any other she’d experienced. She wanted him wholly and completely. This wasn’t like her times with Jacob, or any of the men she’d dated before that, this was different. Previously, she’d been rehearsing, going through the motions and working on her performance. She’d been too disconnected and too self conscious to fully enjoy any of it.
With Cairo, all that self consciousness went out the window, and she didn’t care what she looked like or how she sounded as he brought her to orgasm repeatedly.
Once she came, she lost all sense of self and realized she couldn’t exactly tell where she ended and he began, they flowed into each other so perfectly.
“This,” Cairo grunted and parted her lips with his cock, she could feel the rippled pierced flesh stimulate her sensitive nerve endings. She was overcome with the urge to feel him inside of her.
“What?” she breathed against his neck as she clung to him.
“This is perfection,” he whispered overtop of her and found her entrance. She couldn’t feel pain, she’d never felt pain, but she could feel every excrutiating milimetre of him as he entered her for the first time.
She held her breath as he eased his thick shaft inside of her, as though anticipating some discomfort.
It was then that she finally understood the magical upside to feeling no pain.
She only felt the immense pleasure he brought her, she knew his girth must hurt others, it physically had to effect a woman simply because of his size, but she felt none of it.
She felt every cell alight with fire, the heat of desire and the throbbing lust she had in her veins for him.
The love that was growing in her heart, all of it, the good and only the good. She felt it all.
She cried out as he pulled back, his cock slick with her and moving with no resistance.
“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice was deep and ragged with the control he was exercising at the moment.
“Oh, yes,” she said, “you can fuck me you know, really fuck me.”
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he replied and hovered back at the start of her, half in and half out. The brittle edge to his voice giving away the extent of his great effort.
“You can’t hurt me, remember…” she replied and braced herself for his onslaught, “but you can fuck me…hard.”
“Maisy,” he said in one long, rough exhalation of breath and he did, he plunged into her and fucked her with all his want and need.
She cried out and part of her wondered if there was real damage being done by the almost violent assault on her cunt, but it was washed away by wave after wave of building, insane ecstasy.
“I want you to do it,” she said, now her ragged voice matching his, “tear me apart and put me back together. I want to be yours, Cai, I want you to leave your mark on me forever.”
His response was to slow his rhythm slightly and stare into her eyes. “You have already left your mark on me,” he said, his voice now thick with emotion, “this is crazy, but I can already feel you in my heart.”
“It is crazy,” she replied and panted her building joy, “crazy, insane, unbelievably good.”
She was at the tipping point, her orgasm threatening to erase all vestiges of self and replace them with her all consuming need for Cairo. The previous times he’d brought her this far had been like a single needle of heroin, this threatened to be an overdose, something she might not survive. She might never be the same.
There was no turning back though, she was too far gone and she was desperate to go farther with him, way beyond the point she’d ever been before. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought he must be able to hear it. She was close enough to her release that all it took was one long, slippery withdrawal, his piercings bumping her flesh from the inside and sending her into a crashing response.
She put her hand on his chest, felt his heart pounding as hard as hers, and cried out as she came.
He dropped down to one arm and entered her in long, languid thrusts, holding her as he finished his own explosive end. “Maisy, Maisy, Maisy,” he whispered in her ear as he flooded her with his heat. Their bodies tensed and they groaned against each other in their mutual satisfaction. He truly had become everything that was joyful in the world to her at that moment. Truly, he was pleasure.
“Cairo,” she said and smiled as she stared into his eyes. She allowed herself to come down off the high he’d taken her on, she stretched under his weight and indulged in the feel of his body pressing her against the bed. He was all man, and she couldn’t help but deny his overwhelming presence, especially when they were naked together.
“Maisy,” he replied and laughed, “yes?”
“Yes,” she said and pulled him down, his full weight on her. He was solid muscle, and very heavy. She had a hard time taking a deep breath but immediately became taken with the idea that he was holding her in place, keeping her safe and covering her vulnerable body with his strong cage of flesh and bone.
“What are we talking about?” he asked and kissed her forehead. She could feel his cock softening and pulling out of her. Too soon in her opinion, but she thought she should give him a few moments to regain his bearings before she demanded more sex.
“I’m not even sure,” she said and giggled against his chest, filled with an insane sense of wonder, “you seem to have fucked the sense out of me.”
He rolled off her and helped her stand while he pulled the covers back from the mattress. He lifted her in his arms and laid her on the bed, climbed in next to her and dragged the covers back over them. It took just a moment, but in that short span of time, she fell even more in love with him. His tender side balanced the savage side that had just fucked her silly.
He wrapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his chest. She heard his voice rumble when he told her, “Well then. We’ll just have to work on reversing that. Give me a couple minutes and I’ll get right on it.”
“I can wait,” she said and ran her hand along his chest, down across the matching bumps of his defined abdomen, and to his flaccid cock. “Or I can get right on it,” she added and started to stroke him with a steady hand. He took a deep breath and hardened under her touch.
“I think that could work,” he said and loosened his arms so she could climb on top of him. He cupped her face in his hand as she slid herself along him, surprising herself with her immediate need as well as his. Well pleased that he was so aroused by her that he took mere moments before being ready again.
She threw her head back and opened herself to him, hoping in her heart of hearts that this would be one time among many times to come.
That she would feed her growing addiction to Cairo and his cock, that he would give freely to her as she wanted.
For she knew as surely as blood flowed through her veins, her growing need for him flowed through her heart.
As he entered her for a second time and she gripped her thighs tight around her body, she wondered if she was too far gone to ever come back from this dangerous precipice she was on. When he thrust upwards and grunted her name, she simply didn’t care.
She came, and came, and erased all her fears as she took yet another shot of the only word she knew for pleasure.


The morning light woke her and she opened her eyes slowly. She was on her side, Cairo had his arms wrapped around her from behind. She was being spooned, and she loved it. Normally this kind of sustained physical contact started to bother her, made her itch and feel jumpy.
Right now she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. She snuggled back against him and felt his cock stir, harden against her backside and her smile grew wider. She could feel the barbells digging into her flesh and thought about the exquisite pleasure they’d given her last night. Who knew that all it took a few inches of cock, a few pieces of metal, and a few hard muscles to get her off? It wasn’t exactly an easy order to fill, and she suspected the fact that all of this was attached to Cai had something to do with it, but it made her laugh to herself nonetheless.
“Are you awake?” she asked and rolled over to face him, morning breath be damned.
His eyes were closed, but he replied, “Hell yes.” His voice was thick with sleep. She kissed him and ran her hands down along his back, felt his muscles stiffen as he stretched and pushed his hardness against her. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world” he added and reached down to find her slit.
What a way to wake up, she thought as he brought her to yet another orgasm using his mouth, fingers and cock. She could get used to this.
Reluctantly she was forced to start her day. Eduardo was relentless with rehearsal, insisting they still practice every day in spite of the show’s success last night.
She checked her shoulder and the wound was already scabbing over, it would heal nicely. She was to perform again tonight, but not again until Wednesday. She made so much more money, and had to work so few hours it all felt like a strange dream.
He dragged her back as she sat on the side of the bed, fully dressed. He was still naked and glorious in the lazy light of the morning. His muscles rippled under his tattooed skin as he grabbed her in a bear hug and wouldn’t let her go.
She shrieked and giggled, loving the freedom she felt around him. “I have to go shower,” she squealed when he nuzzled her neck and growled ferociously. “Let me go!”
“I never will,” he declared and tickled under her arm. She managed to wiggle free and was breathless from his attention.
She turned to tell him she’d see him soon when a bloodcurdling scream cut her short. “What was that?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” he replied, “probably nothing. Come back to bed.”
The scream was repeated and was followed by the sound of voices crying out and calling to one another. It didn’t sound far away.
“I’m going to go check it out,” she said and stood up, grabbed her phone and headed towards the front of the RV.
“Hang on,” he said, “I’m coming with you.” He dragged on a pair of loose grey track pants and a white tee shirt.
They opened the front door and noticed a small crowd gathered at a junction of storage trailers just opposite Cai’s RV.
“What’s going on?” Maisy asked as they approached. The group parted and Maisy saw Rose huddled on the ground, her body wracked with sobs. “Rose?” she asked.
The girl turned around and stood slowly, “You don’t want to see this,” she said, “just go back. The cops will be here soon.”
“What happened?” Cai asked and stepped past Maisy. He let out a low groan and put his hand out to keep Maisy back. “Stay there,” he said.
“I need to see,” she protested, a growing suspicion in the back of her head raising the alarms. She felt a sudden compulsion to know what was happening.
She pushed past Cairo and Rose and came to a sudden stop in front of what appeared to be a mannequin. She was about to turn around and tell them off for making such a big deal over a plastic doll when something caught her eye.
The mannequin was twisted in an unnatural pose, propped up against one of the trailers with her hand up to the side of her head.
Maisy said, “No,” and dropped to her knees beside the body.
It was no doll, it was Cara. Her friend had been returned.
“Cara,” Maisy whispered and felt Rose kneel beside her.
“I’m sorry,” Rose said, “I didn’t want you to see her like this.”
Cara’s body had been displayed as though she were casually sitting up against the trailer, chatting on the phone. She was naked, and her skin was sallow and slack but covered with prisms of bruises. They ranged from dark black to yellow, so she’d had time to heal from some of them.
Her face was a mass of blood, she was barely recognizable, but distinctly Cara.
Her body was striped with what appeared to be welts, and criss crossed with distinctive knife slashes and deeper stab wounds
Her beautiful, young, lively friend was dead.
“Maisy,” Rose said and leaned towards her, “look at the phone. That’s not her phone.”
Maisy took a look and felt a jolt surge through her body. She looked up at Cairo who hadn’t noticed it yet. She felt a combination of rage and fear race through her and felt the sudden urge to race back to her trailer, pack all her belongings and flee back to Canada.
Jacob might have been an asshole, but she’d never felt this afraid around him.
The phone pushed into Cara’s right hand was what Cairo had once called vintage.
Her dead friend was holding her boyfriend’s phone.
The phone Cairo claimed he’d lost.

How had it turned up in the hand of a dead girl?


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    1. Thanks! I'm aiming for mid March to publish this now, it's getting so complicated. :)

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