Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Beast Series, SALE!

In honour of book three, Little Dove, being release...the first two books are on sale on Amazon until Monday.            

Little Dove (book three):
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Perfectly Normal (book two):
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The Beast (book one):
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Two books, One Month...

That's right, I got down and dirty this month and published not one, but two books!

So, here they are:

Little Dove, this is book three in the Beast Series. It's action packed, exciting, dramatic and gut wrenching.
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And secondly, I published Serial, Volume One with my co-author, Lily White. This is the first instalment in a serial about what happens when a serial killer falls in love.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Little Dove, the Beast Series book 3 Cover Reveal and excerpt!


    Nico whistled, a sharp warning in the silence of the alleyway.
    “We have to go,” Dimitri told her and pulled her up. He helped her slide the gloves over her bloodied hands and said, “We can discuss the philosophy of murder on the plane, but for now we have to make sure we get out of here.”
    She reached for him, pulled his head down for a savage kiss. She surprisedhim with the strength she had at the moment, clinging to him and inserting herself into his mouth, trying to take claim of it.
    He resisted, pulled her arms down and pinned them behind her back in a grim similarity to how he’d bound the dead man. He twisted them until she whimpered and gave in, allowing him to control the kiss, and her body. 
    “I want to fuck you,” he said against her lips, “I want to plunge into you and drive my cock so far in your cunt you can’t remember your own name.”
    She moaned and started to pant, her breath coming in short, shallow gasps. She tiled herself against him, letting him know she was ready to fuck, she wanted it.
    Logic took over and he said, “I want to, but we can’t. We have to go.”
    He pushed her away and released her hands, turned and walked away. He heard her scramble to follow him and smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to get her on the plane and fuck her after everything they’d done tonight.
    And he couldn’t wait to feel her struggle against him after leaving her like that. She was a wildcat, and just crazy enough to be the best he’d ever had.
    He wouldn’t change a thing in the world, and once again thanked fate or the gods that had brought them together.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Serial, volume one, Cover Reveal and Excerpt

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“Would you like me to take you straight home, Sir?” my driver asks as I settle into the back of the company car. It's long, sleek, black and classic. Unfortunately it will also stand out too much in the neighbourhood I want to cruise tonight.
I am just looking. Window shopping if you will. I haven’t killed a woman for almost three months now and I can feel the urge building up in the back of my brain. Work was a bust, it’s a good thing I’m the boss or I would have been fired every damn time I start to cycle. I get so distracted I can barely remember my own name.
I can’t help it, I truly can’t. I’ve researched addiction, Googled the fuck out of everything from, “How do I stop killing” to “Frontal lobotomy results sociopathy” when the going gets tough.
It’s not a morals thing. Don’t get me wrong. I believe I am on a mission and the women who choose me are already dying by the time they accept their fate.
It’s more of an inconvenience and timing thing. I’ve been doing it for over a decade. I’ve killed many, many women. I couldn’t tell you how many off the top of my head, I’d have to count my trophies to be sure, but ballpark around twenty five.
Chances are I’m going to get caught eventually. And I don’t want to get caught. Getting caught will be such a bore. Such a drag. Such a stock fiasco. Our company shares will plummet once it’s realized the head is such a fucking nutjob.
I’m usually very good at business, the thing that allows me to slit the throat of a woman and take my knife to her breast is the very thing that allows me to make logical business decisions without flinching.
Every CEO is a sociopath. They have to be. Business is not very pleasant, and only the worst men with the darkest hearts survive up the tangled rivers of boardrooms and back room deals.
So I try to fight my urges, for my family, my business and for the simple fucking fact that I don’t want to end up behind bars.