Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Freakshow Blurb and Cover Reveal!

Freakshow Blurb and Cover Reveal:

My newsletter subscribers had their vote, and cover number two won by a landslide! 

Freakshow Blurb

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Maisy York is a freak. An oddball. One of the outliers who clings desperately to the golden mean in a futile attempt to feel normal. Born with congenital analgesia, she lacks the ability to feel pain, but this seems to mean she's unable to feel pleasure as well.
Unemployed, betrayed, and left with no other options, Maisy joins Cirque des Curiosit├ęs, a traveling circus with a heavy emphasis on the strange and exotic in order to appease the infinite curiosity of the peanut-crunching crowds.
Intending to work the concession or sell tickets, her unique oddity is quickly discovered and rockets her to the front of the house, the centre ring, the main event. 
And of course there is a man. There's always a man. A Fire Breather named Cairo with the darkest eyes and most beautiful lips she's ever seen. She's swept up in his intoxicating attention, his muscled arms, his tattoos, his beard and thick dark hair...
In order to prove she's incapable of falling in love with Cairo, she accepts his dangerously seductive father's offer to join After Dark, the erotic after hours version of the Cirque. There, her unique condition once again makes her a star, seemingly the ultimate masochist with no end to what she can handle.
But nothing in life is what it seems, and in a world built on illusion and deception, this lesson hits home with a blunt force.
When girls start to disappear from After Dark, Maisy is determined to find out what happened to them. Will she be able to uncover the truth in a world built on lies? Will her own life be put in danger in her relentless quest to slake her curiosity? And will she ever discover the truth inside herself and find a way to feel or will it be too late?

Friday, 24 October 2014

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