Friday, 28 March 2014


Amazon has decided to block sales of my latest novel, The Beast. At this point I have no idea why, I have not heard back from anyone regarding this matter. I would like to say, there was NO rape in this book, and NO child sex...there was dubious consent and the main characters had histories of being abused. That was it. It really wasn't that "dark" in the grand scheme of things.

I have a feeling, based on recent negative reviews and comments regarding my good reviews, that this was a deliberate and guided attack on my novel. I was in the top 100 within a couple of days of publishing, and was selling hundreds of copies a day. I was number one all over the world in several different categories.

The stupid thing, assholes who reported my book, is that my sales were going down as of today pretty much. I was sitting at 138 the last time I checked, and although I might have had a couple of death shudders, I'm sure I would have slowly slid down the ranks until I was holding steady around 1000 or so.

So, thank you reporting fuckers, you have just spotlighted my lovely book again and given me a platform to call attention to it. Assholes. I hope you choke on your own bilious resentment.

The good news is that THE BEAST IS STILL FOR SALE! Although Amazon is essentially the Wal Mart of the internet, and I cannot force a store to carry my product, there are some mom and pop places that carry it.

Without further ado, you can still find it here: (they carry all formats and you can even pay using paypal!)

So take that, reporting fuckwads. Do go choke on a bag of dicks now.


  1. Really, your book is like ton of others on Amazon... and you know what I mean, the likes of Shadowlands, all books by Nicole Edwards or Lauren Paige. At least I have a Kobo :) hang in there girl , I am on your sides

    1. Thank you! :) And I know, my book is no less or more "dark" than a thousand novels on amazon right now.