Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Multiple Personalities...

Writing has awakened many things in me, my creativity, my love of reading has come back, my love of observing human interactions and my interest in stories, and the constant filing away of small details to be used later on. The biggest thing that writing has done is develop a type of multiple personality disorder! I get so involved with my novels and my characters, that occasionally (and more frequently) I will hear snatches of a conversation or pick up the thought from a book I'm working on. It's a bizarre phenomenon and completely unexpected. Just this weekend I was planting a small garden on our front lawn (grow food, not laws!!), I walked to the back deck to retrieve some tomato plants, and in my mind's eye I was seeing the garden one of my characters from "Reverse Cowgirl" planted. It was juxtaposed against our space, but I could clearly see it planned out and growing. Very strange.

Just this morning I overheard a brief conversation between two of my characters from a work in progress, "Like Falling". I almost felt as though I was eavesdropping. It is truly the strangest sensation, hearing this, then scrambling for a notepad to write down what they were talking about.

I've always had an excellent imagination, little did I know there were these personalities bubbling beneath the surface just waiting for the opportunity to emerge. I just hope if one of them takes over, she's sexy and rich. :)

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