Saturday, 21 November 2015

Freakshow is live! Plus, a Freakshow Excerpt...

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Excerpt, the first kiss...

“It was just an accident. But that’s how your father found out about my disorder.”
“Talent,” he said, “we call it talent around here.”
“I’ve noticed, but really it’s no talent. It’s a genetic anomaly.”
“You are not an anomaly,” he said and cupped my face in his large, rough hands. These were the hands of a man who wasn’t afraid of hard work, the hands of the type of man my mother had always said to marry. She always told me if a man wasn’t afraid to work hard, I’d never be neglected. His voice was deep and intense when he said, “You are beautiful, mysterious, a little bit skittish…but not an anomaly. Never say that.”
“I don’t mean it in a negative way, it just is what it is,” I replied, unable to tear my eyes away from his. My own eyes were green, a stark contrast to my pale skin and dark hair. His were deep, rich warm brown and at the moment they seemed endless. A portal to a secret world, his internal world, I wanted to go there.
“It’s a negative word,” he said and leaned over me, not breaking eye contact. “You don’t deserve anything but goodness and light in your life, Liv. Never sell yourself short.”
The power with which he said it left my breathing shallow and my pulse rapid. I could feel his intent behind those words, his kindness and force. “Okay,” was all I could say.
And then he kissed me.
I had almost been expecting it when he leaned over me, but it still took me by surprise. He pulled me close with one hand behind my back, under my thick, long hair and the other still cupped my face.
His beard tickled. It really tickled, but it rubbed my skin and woke up sensations I’d not felt before.
His lips were exactly as delicious as I’d imagined. He tasted of coffee and mint, they were thick and soft, pliable and forceful at the same time.
His tongue was demanding, pinning mine down, claiming my mouth as its territory and demanding I submit.
I would have fought such entitlement with previous boyfriends, flings and one night stands. I would have taken affront to such presumption, that I was that kind of girl. I never had been, I would have wrestled their tongue with my own, pushed their hands down under mine, and become the aggressor to put them in their place.
With Cairo, I was exactly that kind of girl. The kind who held onto his strong forearms for dear life to prevent myself from toppling over on trembling knees.
The kind who was breathless in anticipation, awaiting his next move, his next command. The kind who did submit to him, to everything about him. My body was his, and every cell in it tingled and felt perfectly aligned to his.
I felt it.
He was so much a man that any trace of my tomboy nature was chased out the window, and in its wake was a weak, breathless, giddy girl.
I couldn’t help myself, I moaned. My body was warm from my deep center, radiating out in waves of goodness. His scent was intoxicating, musky and deep, sweat and hard work and masculinity.
He was all man, and he was invading my every sense.

I couldn’t feel pain, but I could feel him, and good god, I wanted more.

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