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Freakshow "Live Writing" preview...Chapter 11 and Chapter 12...

This is raw, unedited first draft as it streams out of my head. Please, if you find an error or have a suggestion, email me! author.jaden.wilkes@gmail.com

Chapter Eleven

Cairo sprung into action and grabbed his jacket. He turned to Maisy and said, “Do you need to change? We have to go look for her.”
Maisy looked down at her flimsy clothing and said, “Yeah, can we head back to our trailer? Rose, did you check her bedroom?”
“I did when I went back to change, but maybe she’s there already.”
“Maybe,” Maisy said, “but that wouldn’t explain the blood.”
“I get bloody noses all the time,” Rose said, “it’s probably just a bleeding nose, right? I feel stupid for coming to get you.”
They left the RV and made their way back to the trainer the three girls shared. “Don’t feel stupid for worrying about your friend,” Cai said, “the safety of our employees is paramount to us at Cirque.”
Rose glanced at him as if she’d forgotten who he was. Ultimately he was their boss and it really was a little odd to have him join them.
“I’m glad you found me,” Maisy said, “when’s the last time you saw her?”
“A couple minutes after you left, we met a couple new guys from the clown group. They’re pretty cool, tats and piercings, that new extreme clown thing that’s so popular now. Anyhow, we did a few shots with them and we had to go to the bathroom. We headed out to the toilets behind the performers tent. Cara said she’d wait for me outside, but when I was finished, she was gone.”
“Where did you find her handbag?” Cairo asked.
“I didn’t notice it at first,” Rose said and tears began to leak from her eyes, “I walked back and found it under the stairs at the bathroom. I didn’t even see the blood until I got back in the party. The guys and I looked everywhere for her, but I haven’t been able to find her, so I came to get you. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize,” Maisy said and Cairo grabbed her hand as they walked. “I don’t know her as well as you do, this isn’t something she would normally do?”
“God no,” Rose said, “I’m the flaky one, but any time either one of us hooked up with a guy, we’d tell the other. Girl code, so the other one doesn’t worry.”
“Okay,” Maisy said and appreciated Cai’s steady touch. She noticed Rose looking down from time to time, glancing at the two of them intertwined. “Let me get some pants on and we’ll start a search for her.”
“Sounds good,” Rose said, “I’ll wait here.” She sat at the little kitchen table where the three of them had laughed and chatted just hours before. Maisy prayed Cara had just taken off with somebody and was holed up with a hottie, shagging and drinking and forgetting about the time. She prayed her friend was safe.
Maisy checked Cara’s room first of all. She thought for a moment that Cara was curled up on her bed, sleeping, but realized it was a pile of clothing. Cara wasn’t known for being the tidiest, and the false hope brought the sting of tears to Maisy’s eyes.
She took off the missing girl’s dress and slipped into loose pants and a thick sweater. She wore fuzzy socks and her Uggs, just for comfort. She wasn’t out to impress anyone with her fashion sense tonight, not when her friend was missing.
She found Cairo and Rose making awkward small talk. “Okay, let’s go,” she said and the two jumped up, relieved to be put out of their shared misery.
“Where to first?” Rose asked.
“Back to the party,” Cairo said and they headed that way.
The crowd was winding down by the time they got there. It was after one in the morning and most people had to be up early for rehearsals and last minute run throughs.
“Have you seen Cara?” Rose asked here and there. The answer was unanimously the same. No.
Maisy saw Erica, from the Vancouver ticket booth. “Have you seen my room mate, Cara?” she asked the girl.
“I can’t say that I have,” Erica said, “I thought she was with you guys all night.”
“She never made it back to the trailer,” Maisy said.
“Let’s go ask my father,” Cairo suggested and they followed him to Eduardo’s RV. The last thing Maisy wanted was to encounter Eduardo tonight, with her scent all over Cairo’s body, and her eyes full of lust for the son she was warned about.
Cai knocked and tried the door. It was locked and the RV appeared deserted.
“They might be sleeping,” he said and stood back. He picked up a small pebble and tossed it at a nearby window. He called out a couple times and a light came on inside.
Maisy’s stomach clenched and she prepared herself for Eduardo to figure out everything. He had that strange sixth sense and appeared to look into her very soul when she was around him.
The door swung open and a girl appeared, she looked similar to Cairo but was very young. “What the fuck, dude?” she said and blinked her eyes a few times.
“Where’s dad?” Cai asked.
“I dunno,” the girl replied, “He had a meeting or something. What time is it?”
“It’s after one,” Cairo said, “We need to get security. Something’s happened.”
“Not again, I’ll make the call and get people looking,” the girl said, ducked back into the RV and slammed the door.
“What does she mean again?” Maisy asked, “had this happened before?”
“We have people leave the Cirque all the time,” he said, “but in Montreal and Vancouver, we had girls go missing after a party. Your friend makes number three.”
“You knew people had disappeared and you still let us throw a fucking party?” she asked.
“Honestly? I didn’t think much of it until I saw the purse,” he told her.
“It wouldn’t be that obvious if we hadn’t found this,” Rose said.
“Don’t defend him,” Maisy said, “this should have never been allowed to happen. My friend is missing because of you.”
“That’s unfair,” Rose said, “we all expect these parties. I don’t think Cairo would have been able to shut it down even if he’d tried.”
“I’m sorry Maisy,” he said, “if I had even suspected a thing, I never would have allowed it. I care about our employees. They’re our friends and even feel like family after a while. We’re a big band of misfits, we stick together.”
Maisy saw sincerity on his face; she recognized how distraught he was because she felt it too. She sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just so worried about her right now.”
“I’ll do anything I can to find her,” Cairo said, “I promise you.”
“Can we go look for her now?” Rose said, “We need to do something. I can’t just stand around waiting for the security guys to find her.”

Chapter Twelve

They ended up searching until the morning light broke and they were all out of places to search.
Maisy was exhausted by the time they reached their trailer, but Rose was even worse. She had cried almost continuously, her guilt overshadowing anything else. She limped up the stairs into their space, and Maisy turned back to Cairo. “I’m going to get some sleep, I have to meet your father at ten.”
“I’m not going to leave you like this,” he said and followed her inside.
“I don’t think I can–”
“I don’t mean sex,” he said, “I mean I don’t want to leave you alone. I need to know you’re safe right now.”
“Okay,” she said and watched him kick off his shoes and shrug out of his jacket. She stood on her tippy toes to kiss him when he was done.
How quickly their evening had changed. She’d gone from passion to fear, the best night of her life to the worst. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, but she could tell neither one of them seemed up to the task of picking up where they had left off.
She took his hand and led him to her little room, they stripped and climbed into bed, their bodies folded perfectly together, and good to his word, they slept.
Some time before she had to wake, Maisy moved against something in her bed and it startled her. She quickly realized it was Cairo, he was holding her in his arms and breathing deeply against the back of her neck. She relaxed and closed her eyes, took hold of his muscular forearm and fell back asleep like that. Safe in his embrace.
She woke again and he was up, sitting on the side of the bed texting somebody like mad. She rolled over, reached out and rubbed his smooth back. In the daylight she got a good look at the intricate, bright tattoos covering most of his body. There were beautiful detailed drawings of birds, a peacock feather up one shoulder blade, and a large crest done on his back. She assumed it was his family name or something to do with his ancestry.
“Good morning, beautiful girl,” he said and turned around. He set the phone on her night stand and slid back in under the blankets.
“Who were you texting?” she asked, “Any news on Cara?”
He tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “I’m sorry, nothing. It was my father, he’s expecting you. I told him you may be a little late considering you were looking for your friend all night.”
“Oh shit, what time is it? I have to meet him at ten.”
“You have until noon, and it’s ten thirty. I bought you an extra couple hours.”
“Oh,” she said and reached down to rest her hand on the ripple of muscles on his lower abdomen, “what are we going to do?”
He closed his eyes for a moment, opened them and said, “Fuck, I know what I want to do. But we can’t. I won’t.”
“Why not?” she asked, a little offended by his perceived rejection.
“I want to take my time with you,” he said and kissed her. He broke away and continued, “The first time I fuck you, Maisy, I want to have hours with your gorgeous pussy. I want to kiss, and talk, and slide myself inside of you when I can take my time. It’s also too strange, right now, with Cara being gone. I can wait until the time is right, can you?”
She was a little taken aback, searched his words and his face for his rejection, and found none. His sincerity was achingly poignant. His need to love her, not just fuck her, was apparent in his simple declaration that he wanted more from her than just a casual fuck.
God I love him, she thought and fought hard not to say it. The time wasn’t right and it was ridiculous, she’d only known him for a couple weeks. Her new friend was missing and they were both exhausted. She couldn’t say it.
Not yet.
But when she was around him, the moment he touched her, her tension melted off like a skiff of snow in the bright winter sun. When she was in his arms, he was the only thing that mattered.
“I get it,” she said instead of pouring her guts out to him and scaring him off. “It’s not a good time.” She couldn’t’ help herself, thinking of that thick bulge in his jeans last night, her hand crept lower and she gripped his shaft.
She wasn’t disappointed, he was huge. Ginormous. Thick, veiny, hard and long.
And pierced.
She hadn’t expected that.
“Do you like it?” he said, his breath shallow and his voice thick.
“Like what?” she asked and blinked at him, feigning ignorance, then giggled. “Uh, fuck yeah, your cock is amazing. And pierced! What the hell, that’s exciting.”
“I guess you were going to find out somehow,” he grinned.
“What is it?” she asked and felt his shaft gingerly. She could feel maybe five barbells along the underside of his cock. Frenum piercing, she thought. She’d done a lot of research when she had gotten her clit done.
“It’s called a Jacob’s Ladder,” he said, proud of himself. “Do you…want a peek?”
“Heck yes,” she replied and scooted under the blankets. The morning sun illuminated the white sheets and she had enough light to see his magnificent beast.
Piercing his giant cock had only served to make it look fiercer. Like it could beat her in an arm wrestle. Like he could club her with it and leave a bruise. She hid her smile at the visuals racing around her head of his mighty cock.
Instead she gave into the next impulse and leaned forward to kiss it.
The moment her lips touched the head, he sucked his breath in sharply. His hands went to her head and he cupped her gently.
“You don’t have to,” he said, but his voice betrayed his urgent desire. She wanted to do for him what he’d done for her, in spite of the night’s events and her dangerous, uncontrollable feelings of love and lust that bubbled just under her calm exterior.
“I want this,” she said and slid her tongue along the shaft, counting the barbells with the tip as she licked. There were five in total, ten little beads of metal along the sides of his cock. It excited her.
She’d been with pierced men before, but they all seemed to be crying out for attention with it, or using the metal as a distraction, as though she wouldn’t notice how small the dick was if it was finely decorated.
Cai’s cock enhanced the jewelry, not the other way around. It was lucky to be attached to such a perfect specimen of dickhood.
She laughed to herself, waxing poetic about a cock.
She wrapped her lips around the head of him and took as much in her mouth as she could manage. The piercings bumped along her teeth and she worked his cock with her mouth, taking it down the back of her throat.
He didn’t last long, she hadn’t expected him to.
What she didn’t expect was how excited she got when he came. Previously she’d given head as more of a duty than a pleasure, but right now, she was lapping up Cai’s precum like it was her last meal before execution. She was hungry for him, she wanted to make him groan and pant for her, she wanted to own his pleasure and give him more than he’d had before.
He’d turned her into a sexual fucking mother Theresa, she wanted to give, give, give with him because the way his body tensed and the way he sounded as he built to his release was the sexiest god damned thing she’d ever experienced.
She couldn’t help it, she wiggled her body and reached down to finger herself as she sucked his cock. She almost brought herself to orgasm as he exploded in her mouth, but she hadn’t quite made it.
It didn’t matter, the grunt he muttered as he flooded her mouth with cum was enough to give her a jolting thrill of excitement along her spine.
“Fuck, Maisy,” he breathed out and she felt loved. She knew she was loved, with every breath he took and every time he said her name, she could feel the testament to their mutual fulfillment.
So she could wait for the right time to consummate their connection. She fully understood now where he was coming from.
She finished drinking down the last of him and savoured the moment of power over such a strong, beautiful man.
When he had softened in her mouth and relaxed the grasp on her head, she opened her lips and let his cock slide out of her. She could still taste him on her tongue, a tangy, earthy taste…he tasted how he smelled, it excited her.
“Come up here,” he said and grabbed her hand, pulled her up towards him. He kissed her and she thrilled to the fact that he didn’t mind kissing her after she’d sucked his cock. He didn’t seem to be as uptight as the men she’d been with, even the so called bad boys and rockers she’d always been attracted to.
Cai was dirty, delicious and she couldn’t wait to fuck him at last.
But first, she had to survive her first rehearsal with Eduardo and figure out what the fuck had happened to her friend.
She drew back from him, but his teeth caught her lower lip and he sucked it. She moaned and pressed herself against him, their naked bodies entwined so perfectly that she wasn’t sure where he ended and she began.
His phone buzzed, they tried to ignore it, but finally had to pull apart when it wouldn’t stop. He went to picked it up, his gorgeous, tattooed body stretching as he grabbed it. She couldn’t help but marvel at the rippling movement under his intricately patterned skin. He was so fucking hot.
He read his text, rolled back over and faced her. “Listen, I have to go but know that I don’t want to. I want to spend the day here with you, rolling around under your blankets, and finally getting inside that hot cunt of yours.”
“I know,” she said, “I have to spend the day having your father, who hates me I might add, throwing knives at me. I’d rather you were stabbing me with yours, if you know what I mean.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him suggestively and they laughed together.
“We still need to find your friend,” he said, growing serious. “This is going to bug the hell out of me if we can’t figure out what happened. I’m going to have my assistant pull any information we can gather about the previous two disappearances and we can go over it later together, okay?”
“Sounds good,” she replied, “I feel so helpless, it will be good to do something. I just hope she turns up today.”
“I’m sorry,” he said suddenly, and looked almost ashamed, “I should have put out a bulletin, hired more guards, cancelled the event. I should have been able to prevent this.”
“It’s not your fault. I was totally overreacting last night. I was so tired and stressed I kinda lost it. You’re a good man, Cai,” she assured him. She quietly had to wonder what he meant by this. Did he know something he wasn’t telling her? 

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