Saturday, 19 April 2014

Slutburbia, Chapter One - Free!

Juanita pulled the blinds apart and peeked through again, waiting for a glimpse of the new neighbor. A second glimpse to confirm what she already knew, he was fucking hot. Not just hot, not sexy, but Fucking Hot, capital letters like a title. Her spying was rewarded as the front door opened and he stepped out into the bright morning light, arms above his head stretching. He was dressed for running, the tight clothing accentuating his lean muscular body and rock hard abs. He paused on his front walk, dropped down into a squat. Oh yes, Fucking Hot.

"I'm all packed, did you call the driver?" Her husband Tony called from upstairs, interrupting her reverie. She pulled back, hoping the sudden movement of the blinds popping back together didn't attract any attention from next door.

"Yes dear, Jonathan will be here in a few minutes. He swung by Starbucks to pick you up an Americano."

"Did you tell him black? You know I can't have any dairy before an away game, I don't think Jonathan knows though. Did you remind him?"

"I did, it will be black...calm down darling, you're getting amped up for no reason. This game is in the bag."

He swept into the room, a bundle of nerves packaged in the body of an athletic handsome man. Tony was a minor league ball player with major aspirations. Juanita wasn't entirely sure if he'd ever make it that far, but she loved his sexy swagger and she loved the money he had...and she loved him. They'd been married for five years now and everyone kept asking about a baby, Juanita told them they were trying but no success so far. She told Tony she was trying, and part of his anxiety at the moment was the thought that his "swimmers", as he called them, weren't working.

They were probably fine, she was covertly getting a depo shot regularly, there was no way in flippin hell she wanted a  baby. She worked hard for this body, and she loved nothing more than her free time.

He was standing at the front door, bouncing on the balls of his feet, packed bag on the floor. She had to put him out of her misery, so she walked over and started rubbing his shoulders. She knew the car would be here soon so she'd only have to appear this generous and loving for...and there it is! She wins wife of the year and only has to put in three seconds of work. Win win!

"I'm going to miss you," she lied and kissed his mouth. He had once driven her crazy with that mouth, he was an expert pussy eater and knew things to do with his tongue that she had never heard of before him. The emphasis on the "was". He hadn't gone down on her in over a year and her clit ached for him. These days he was more of a two pump chump and her kitten hadn't been purring in a long time. She sighed and stroked his jawline. If only he wasn't so damn fine, it would be easier to deal with.

"Don't worry babe, it's only a couple of days." He kissed her cheek, slapped her on the ass, picked up his bag and was gone.

"That's the problem," she said to the closed front door. "Only a couple of days." She preferred the road trips that lasted over a week or more. Or training camps, oh yes, training camps. Those were pure heaven for Juanita. There was no way for her to be dragged along to camp. What kind of trouble could she possibly get up to in only a couple of days?

"Let's see if Fucking Hot is back from his run," she said to the empty house and walked back to the window.


Book Club was always held on a Wednesday afternoon. It seemed to be the perfect day for it. The girls with kids all had something to put them in, ballet, soccer, it didn't matter but it freed them up for some social time. The girls without kids found Wednesday to be the easiest day of the week to escape their husbands. And who cares if it's just an afternoon? Not much to be done on a mid week afternoon, right?

Wrong, it was more like a wine fuelled gossip fest with the possibility of some girl on girl hook up between bored housewives. Juanita wasn't one to spread rumours, outside of Book Club that is, but she had a feeling Sarah and Anna were getting together to rub each others kitties on the sly. There had been public kissing contests in the past, most recently when Amanda had claimed to be the best kisser ever. That was more a matter of pride than lesbian tendencies though. Juanita had won hands down, and felt a little tingly thrill every time her lips touch another woman's, but it was cock she craved. Next door cock at the moment. She couldn't wait to tell the girls about Fucking Hot just a few feet from her front door. She also couldn't wait to keep her eye on Sarah and Anna to see what the actual fuck was up.

The door bell rang, it would be Louise, Juanita's best friend and the biggest bitch this little suburb had to offer.

"Darling, you look ahmaaaaaaaazing," Louise said the moment Juanita opened the door.

"Liar, you know I look awful. I spent the day preparing for Club," Juanita lied, her maid had done everything and she did look amazing.

"I got you a gift from Mexico, you know we just got back. I want to give it to you in front of the girls though, I brought a little something for everyone. Your people really know how to party," she smiled and walked into the front parlor.

"My people? I was born in Seattle."

"You know what I mean, the people you came from," Louise said, waving her hand dismissively.

Juanita decided to let it go, but she filed it away to bring up when they were having their next fight. Sometimes it was hard to be the only "ethnic minority" in a suburb filled with perfect white skin and perfectly dyed blonde hair.

Soon the girls started arriving and her front parlor filled up. Almost everyone was here, suspiciously Sarah and Anna were both absent. Juanita wondered if anyone else noticed.

"Ok, ok, now that we're all here," Louise said as she got up off the sofa and walked to the front of the room. "I came bearing gifts. First off, Juanita. I found this and laughed so hard I just had to have it for you." She dramatically pulled a small cloth bundle from her over sized Vuitton and thrust it at Juanita. Juanita took it it slowly and rolled it open. It was a hideous neon pink T-Shirt with a bright green lizard leaning against a palm tree. The caption read "Juan is the loneliest number." Juanita was stunned, she didn't know what to say. What an utterly atrocious and mean spirited "gift".

"Do you like it?" Louise asked, laughing. "Turn it around, show the girls!"

Juanita obeyed, still stunned into silence and keeping her face emotionless.

"Oh! My! God! That is the funniest fucking thing I've ever read!" Tiffany declared and the rest of the girls followed suit.

Racist cunts, Juanita thought, but she finally laughed and joined in the fun. She glanced over and saw a smug look on Louise's face that she felt like slapping off. Instead she walked over, threw her arms around her friend and said "Thank you, I love it!".

She fought the urge to kick them all out of her house and sat down on the chaise, looking elegant and composed. "If you can't beat them, join them and be better at it than they are," her mother always said in her perfectly practiced unaccented English. She had come to the US illegally from Mexico, fleeing an abusive husband and 7 months pregnant. She had found Seattle because she wanted to be as far away from her husband as possible. Juanita loved her mother with all her heart and thanked her for the thousandth time for giving her the spine of steel it took to navigate the world of the white upper middle class.

Louise produced a large bottle of Tequila and said "this is for everyone, grab the shot glasses."

Juanita called her maid and soon the Book Club girls were doing tequila belly shots trying to decide who has the best abs. Juanita won, again.


After the Club girls went home and the house was tidied up, Juanita remember Fucking Hot next door. She didn't tell any of them about him, and didn't mind now. She wanted to keep him for herself. She walked slowly up the stairs, her head pounding and her legs feeling like lead. She clutched the stupid pink shirt in one hand, she wanted to toss it in the trash, but she decided to tuck it deep in her lingerie drawer as a reminder that these women were not truly her friends, and she would have to fight twice as hard as any of them to come out ahead. It gave her more drive, more determination to succeed, but not at the moment. She needed a hot bath and a hotter cup of tea, then a cuddle in bed with a good book. She wondered if any of those bitches even knew how to read.

She couldn't resist taking a peek out her bedroom window to see what Fucking Hot was up to. She could see right into his master bedroom from her walk in closet. She made sure the light was out so she could part the blinds and not be seen. Jackpot! He was there, and he was naked.

Juanita reach over and pulled her velvet stool to the window so she could sit down and enjoy the show. His body was glorious, not an ounce of fat on it and perfectly sculpted and evenly tanned. He knew how to work out, she didn't like a beefcake body, or one with giant shoulders and arms with stick legs. He was well proportioned, he moved like a cat as he picked up his clothes and tossed them into a hamper.

Oh god, he picks up after himself. That's O worthy right there.

She leaned farther to see him walk towards the bed. A door opened to the left, must be the master bath, and a stunning blonde came out, also naked. She smiled and did a little dance for him, swinging her hips and teasing him.

He swept her up and threw her on the bed, her face looked shocked but she went along with it.

This is getting interesting, Juanita thought. She shifted on the stool and spread her knees slightly. She was getting warm and wet at just the opening act.

Fucking Hot started to massage the blonde, she could see the lust on the blonde's face as she watched him rub her legs and work his way up. She parted her legs and exposed her shaved cunt, he slapped her thigh, said something, and the blonde closed them tightly, a surprised look on her face. He turned slightly to pull the blonde up the bed and Juanita got her first look at his giant cock as he leaned over the blonde to play with her nipples.

Oh my god, it's gorgeous, she thought and pushed her panties aside, starting to rub her own smooth mound, teasing the top of her slit with her forefinger.

She watched him rub the blonde's flat stomach, gently circling her pussy, teasing but not quite touching it. He kneeled on the bed beside the blonde and pried her legs open, she seemed reluctant but Juanita knew he had asked her to play this part. He forced the legs wide open finally and started working the smooth pussy with his fingers. Juanita couldn't stand it, she found her own sweet spot and imagined he was fingering her, rubbing the outer lips and flicking the clit gently.

He bent over and parted the blonde's lips, exposing her delicate pink flesh. He dove in, the enthusiasm obvious by the look of total pleasure on the blonde's face. Juanita sped up, rubbing herself harder, holding the blinds with one hand and fingering her own sopping pussy with the other. She moaned and was glad she had sent the maid home. She was panting lightly and continued to watch the show.

He inserted a couple of fingers and started fucking her hole while sucking her folds. The blonde started to buck and thrust herself to meet his eager face. Juanita hated that woman with all her heart at this moment, she would have done anything to be the body writhing underneath him. The blonde went stiff, completely still, her eyes closed and her head thrown back against the pillows. She must be cumming, Juanita was a moment behind but shuddered her own shameful, wet orgasm in the closet. She let the blind drop and got up to wash her hands. She was embarrassed that she had watched, but intrigued at the thought of fucking the neighbor.

She had her bath, sipped her hot tea to alleviate the tequila crazies and dried herself off, fully intending to read a book. She walked back into her closet to find some cozy PJs and couldn't resist taking a look. She sat on the stool, naked, and as she parted the blinds the image of him parting the blonde's lips sprang into her mind.

She leaned forward and looked, not sure what she wanted to see. He had the blonde on the bed on her hands and knees. Her beautiful white ass was in the air, she wiggled it, inviting him to have her. He was behind her stroking his thick, long cock. He reached out and slapped the ass, hard. Juanita saw the blonde jump and collapse onto the bed. She could see the red hand print coloring the perfect white ass immediately. He reached down, grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled the blonde up, yanking her head back viciously. Juanita was appalled at this treatment, but her pussy heated up immediately. He slapped the ass again, then pushed his fingers into the blonde's pussy from behind. He fingered her hard, thrusting his hand back and forth, holding her in place with his other hand. Juanita couldn't look away, she couldn't believe how he was abusing this woman and she seemed to love it. She couldn't stand it, she ran to her nightstand and grabbed her little vibrator, the silver bullet. She settled back down and opened the blinds again.

Fucking Hot now had the blonde face down on the bed, both her arms were behind her back and her ass was sticking straight up in the air. That was fast. She appeared to be bound, she could see a black rope wrapped around her wrists. Juanita clicked the vibe on, applied it to her clit and started to rock back and forth, one hand on the vibe, one hand holding the blinds open.

He stroked his cock once, then pushed it into the blonde's pussy. Juanita could see him bury it deep, the shaft was so thick and long she wondered how that was physically possible. He withdrew slowly and Juanita imagined her own pussy clenching around it, begging him to fill her cunt again with his huge member. The vibe buzzed along her clit sending pulses of pleasure along her spine, to the tips of her fingers and the ends of her toes. She balanced on the stool, feet wide, eyes locked on the scene in front of her.

He thrust himself back in, she saw the blonde's body lift with the force of it, her face still pressed into the mattress. He increased his rhythm, thrusting harder and faster, pounding the blonde's body until he paused, leaned back, and fell on top of her, covering her like a stallion. Juanita was fascinated with this perfect man and craved his cock, his abuse, more than anything she could think of. She watched him pull out, flip the blonde, drag her towards the edge of the bed and force her to clean his cock. Juanita held the vibe tight against her clit, her legs lost all feeling as she crashed into her own orgasm, imagining her mouth on that thick dick, slurping up her own juices mixed with his cum. She ran her tongue over her lips, dropped the blinds and thrust a couple of fingers inside of herself. She could feel her pussy tighten and pulse, twitching as she completed her wave of pleasure.

She felt ashamed as soon as she was done. Ashamed but obsessed, she knew she needed to feel that cock inside of her, and soon. She got up, washed her hands and put the vibe away. She was about to crawl into bed but couldn't resist one more look. She crept into the closet and parted the blinds again. He had the blonde on the floor, elaborately tied up, and was flogging her with what appeared to be a riding crop. The blonde had her ass in the air again, her hands tied around her ankles and seemed to have a gag over her mouth. He hit her ass with the crop, then inserted the handle into her pussy. He fucked her a few times with it, pulled it out and hit her again.

His cock was fully engorged and magnificent.

He turned and faced Juanita's window, looking up directly at her. She started, let the blind drop and sat unmoving in the dark. Fuck, did he see me? How could he know I was here? No, there's no way he saw me.

After a few minutes she dared to look again, his drapes were drawn and she could see nothing.

Fuck, he did see me.

She crawled into bed, humiliated, and drifted to sleep thinking about what she'd tell Tony if the neighbor said anything. How could she explain away the fact that she'd fingered herself in the closet watching him whip a gorgeous blonde?


Something woke her up, a loud cracking sound. She sat up in the dark, her heart pounding, and listened. Did I set the alarm after the maid left? Was that breaking glass or a gun shot? She couldn't be sure. She glanced at the clock, it was 4:48.

She hadn't imagined it. She was sure she heard a noise, but not coming from her house, somewhere in the street maybe, or was it next door? She heard another sharp crack. Definitely not from her house. If it was a gun shot, it wasn't like anything she'd heard on TV. There's no way that was a gun shot, she thought and laid back down. Not in this neighborhood.

She went back to sleep, Tony would be home in the morning and she had to look her best.


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  2. It's like Desperate Housewives as a porno. :D