Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Well, it's a new year. W00T! This time last year I wasn't even thinking of writing a book, and now I've written three and have so many more trying to scratch their way to the surface and escape my brain.

I thought I would announce a current WIP listing, just so you folks can keep bugging me to finish the damn books. :)

The next book; expected in March: The Beast. Dimitri's story, a scarred former Russian mobster hiding out in his penthouse apartment. Columbia breaks in, ready to confront him for his company's plan to destroy their neighbourhood and put up high rises. He takes her captive, not sure if he can let her go after she's seen his face and could possibly identify him to his enemies. Holding her in his penthouse, they begin a journey that takes them through each other's history and leaves them changed forever. This is dark erotica.

TBR it today:

Kamikaze. The story of a dystopian earth, centuries in the future. A peaceful agrarian society od plagued by barbarian hoards. Warriors are chosen from orphans, raised from childhood for one defend the people at all costs. They are expected to go on their final suicide mission before their twenty fifth birthday. Our hero is moved to a village in the mountains to protect against recent attacks, his twenty fifth birthday looming, he knows what to expect. What he doesn't expect is to meet our heroine. An orphan herself, she has been raised as a herbswoman and acolyte to the priestess-hood. Their love is almost instant, their sex is worthy of ballads, and their fate is sealed...they will be lost to each other forever. Or will they? This one is a dirty romance/fantasy.

I suppose I should finish the sequel to "Like Falling" at some point. ;) I am combining the last two books into one. It picks up where LF left off, with Sarah going to France with her douchey professor. Tyr is left without her, healing his heart and surviving his mother's drug issues. After tragedy brings her back, they must take their time to carefully rebuild from the ruins of their love. This is Sarah's journey back to finding herself and realizing that in order to grow and find her place in the world, she must stop running from those who love her. Will Tyr and Sarah's love survive? Will she sleep with Adam in France? Will Eric swoop in and save her from herself? It's all a possibility in Sarah's big, bright future! This is NA/erotic romance.

I hate to even admit this, but Sarah's story has been put on hold because of two things. The first being that our house was broken into right before I published, and my laptop was stolen. I didn't write for two months after that, I wasn't sleeping and I couldn't focus. The other issue was that I put LF up on NetGalley, thinking I'd get some professional feedback from the ARCs that were sent out. What I got was a bunch of total fucking asshole reviewers who HATED the book. I don't mind if people hate my book, of course I want y'all to love them so much you want to marry them, but the assholes who reviewed the book were...well...fucking assholes about it. :D I was already in a hyper stressed state, with the not sleeping and all, so every one of those one and two star reviews hurt deeper than they ever would at any other time. I mean, come on, the person who said it was the WORST book she'd ever read? Fucking hell, I know we're not supposed to engage with reviewers, but there's a point where you can handle something with tact and grace and not be a total cunt for the sake of being a total cunt because your shitty life makes you want to cunt out on that particular day.

I think the most popular one star review was actually pretty funny. I didn't want to let her know that though, because her and her band of misfit toys were so busy high fiving each other over hating my book. :D So if you are compelled to review a book, remember, there's a real live human being behind those words...and even if it is the WORST book you've ever read, obviously that isn't the case to many other people. Don't think yourself so damned special that you deserve to take a gigantic steaming dump in the middle of somebody's life because your cat rejected your affections that morning. Have a shower, eat a donut, and practice kindness. It will get you farther in life. And get a dog, your cat hates you.

/rant I feel better. ;)

Ok...what's next after that? I need to finish my NaNoWriMo project, The Dreaming, at some point. Vampire Dystopian....I might need to add some heat, I like writing sex. I need an ending. Not sure what genre it will fall in at this point.

Eva's story. Jade's room mate in Dirty Little Freaks has a very interesting back story. She's full of pain and needs to find a way to overcome her grief to accept the love she finds in Ireland. :) Another hard core dirty romance!

Everybody is asking about another character from Dirty Little Freaks. I'll get to him at some point too. :) I don't want to say just yet, you'll figure it out if you read the book.

I also have a story sketched out about a mother and two daughters. It involves the disappearance of one of them, possibly murdered by Robert Pickton, and the search for her. It's an emotional story, and I don't know how long it will take to write. I want to do them justice and I'd like to donate a portion of the sales to a Downtown East Side charity in Vancouver. This one is contemporary women's fiction.

There are so many more that I've started, that I'm about 10,000 words into. I'll leave them off this list for now...none of them are grabbing my attention as of today. :)

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