Thursday, 24 October 2013

Teaser Time, Motherfuckers!

I posted this on Facebook a while back, but FB licks sweaty donkey nuts for linking or sharing posts. So, I'll put it up here in my own little playground.

So, it's a story about a boy and a girl and a lot of dirty sex.

She's tough, she's had to be. She lives with her best friend, a crazy rich kid. She meets the bass player in a punk rock band, he's like a Disney prince with a mohawk.

It's love, and it terrifies her.

She wants more from life, but is afraid to take it. He has a secret that could tear them apart.

This is their story.


A Teaser...TOTALLY first draft and subject to change:

It’s a small room with a single stall, I’ve been in here before. Not to fuck, but I did give a handjob to an old friend a couple of years back. So yeah, that happened. Gage is leaning against the urinal, he doesn’t look up when I come in. I’ve completely lucked out and the room only has two other guys in it. They watch me, try to get my attention, then give up and leave one by one.

Gage still doesn’t know I’m here and I’m starting to feel like the biggest fucking creeper on the planet. I think about leaving, but he’s so mesmerising I can’t go. I need to do this. It’s the X, I reassure myself again. This is really good shit.

Tunnel vision, I’ve got it. All I can see is this guy, this perfect badass, tattooed, green mohawked, punk rock guy. The music of the club sounds tinny, as if from a great distance, and I feel like I am going to spin down onto the floor, my head feels so wonky. I turn back to the door and kick the doorstop in place, locking us in. This noise catches his attention and he turns, as if in slow motion. He stops, he stares. His brows go up and he smiles.

He wasn’t taking a piss, I can see that now. I think he must have been doing a couple of bumps of coke, I can see the glassy “I’m a fucking rockstar” look in his eyes and the traces of powder around his nostril. He’s sweaty, his ‘hawk is falling over and the room smells like piss and vomit. I don’t care, I’m still down to fuck. Right now.

He walks towards me and says “I think you got the wrong bathroom, the ladies is across the hall.”

I roll my eyes, he knows why I’m here. “Uh thanks, but I think you know why I’m here.” Yeah, that’ll tell him. Wait, what do I even want to say to him? He unsettles me like nobody else. I’m reaching now, trying to find something to hook him, something that will seal this deal. I smile and blurt out “I like penis.”

Fuck me, I think my own brain just punched itself in the face over that one. God, what the actual fuck is wrong with me? This guy, he makes me crazy...or it’s the X. It makes me so stupid...and horny.

“Do you, now?” he asks, his eyes blazing with coke fuelled fire. He reaches out and pulls me to him, my body curves perfectly into his, and he kisses me.

It’s a kiss to remember when I’m old as fuck and laid up in bed waiting to die. Remember this, this exact moment because god DAMN it feels fucking fine.

His tongue is cool but his lips are hot. He starts off slowly, sucking my upper lip, taking it between his teeth and biting me ever so softly. Like a lover, this is what love feels like. Fuck. This is nice.

His urgency builds and his hands cup my ass, pulling me harder against him. I can feel his cock hidden away in those tight jeans, dying to get out, to find me. He tucked on the left side today, nice to know.

His tongue becomes the only thing I know. His is spiraling around mine like a celtic knot with no end. It’s a continuum of wet, warm, heart stopping sensation. His tongue is warm now, I did that. He reaches up under my Ramones tee shirt and starts to massage my breast. He finds my nipple and rolls it between his thumb and forefinger. I sigh against his mouth and rock myself towards him, my hips hitting his. He grunts, I don’t know if it’s pain or lust, I just don’t fucking care. I want him inside of me, fuck this foreplay shit, I need to release this insane build up before I fucking explode. That’s a nice thought, chunks of horny high me all over the walls in this grimy bathroom. Death by hormonal overload.

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