Friday, 27 September 2013

Writer's Block...

Put a gun to my head and make me write.


I've had writer's block and I'm only six months into my writing career. There are many reasons, from summertime activities to keep the kids amused, to starting another business, from the stress of being broken the crap reviews my second book  has been getting. There are a million and one reasons for me to go through this, but it doesn't matter. There's only one result, I'm not fucking writing.

At least I wasn't. For like a month. Ok, maybe two months. I would start a new project, get five thousand words in and fall off the rails. I'm having somewhat of a writer's midlife crisis as well. I like writing romance/erotica/new adult, but I don't generally read it. I don't know if that is going to impede my journey through this genre, how much it will hurt my writing...does it matter? I read a shit tonne of books, just not romance. My brain doesn't mesh with it, but I seem to like the writing of it.

So where does this leave me in my writing? I don't know, I have a few works in progress that I'm finally hacking away at. I'm finally writing again, over four thousand words today! Yay! I've decided that if I proceed along this writing thing I need to take it more seriously. When I first started writing back in February, I thought of it as a hobby, a distraction. It's more than that though, now that characters are leaking from my head, I can't stop. Even when I was blocked, the stories kept coming.

I started to force myself to write. Daily. I didn't care what it was, I wrote. After a week or so, it started coming back to me. It's flowing again, but still takes more effort than it did than when I started. Effort is good though, it means I'm thinking about it, I'm working at it. This isn't just a hobby anymore, this has become a business.

So here's to writing, and evading writer's block...and getting better with each and every sentence I type!

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